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Our Vision

Located in the heart of Coral Gables, our concept can best be described as a Western Mediterranean fusion inspired by the cuisines of Italy, France, and Spain. Combined with a local touch, these ingredients enrich one another, providing a distinct blend of flavor. 


In some dishes, the cultural influences are subtle, while in others, like our chèvre croquettes, they are more pronounced. Our menu aims to satisfy all of your possible cravings while our kitchen works creatively to offer unique specials each time you visit.


Whether you’re celebrating something special or simply enjoying a night out, our staff will ensure that your experience is of the highest standard. 

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Our Team

Our team is led by owner, Luis Buitron, a self-proclaimed perfectionist who aims to offer the most superior service in the industry. After ten years at Secreto in Kendall, Luis sought an opportunity to introduce a new cuisine to Miami.


To make this happen, Executive Chef, Pilar Mendez has assembled a unit that offers expertise in a wide range of specialties. Their mission is to excel consistently so that each visit is as special as the last.


We understand that your experience at a restaurant is one that is multi-faceted. For this reason, we emphasize an attention to detail in all areas.

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